Collaboration with GV Architecture – the long conversation…

A long, long time ago, a student architect walked into an office and had a chat… and not that much came of it. Except that the chat extended again, years later… and again after that… and continues to this day.

That student was me and the conversation was with Douglas Gordon and Furio Valich. I was being interviewed. I decided to go to a larger firm because I needed the points for my official log book. I should have taken up the position. I would have learned more from them.

In the intervening years, I have worked on many projects with many firms and in my own practice. However, that long conversation with Furio has resulted in an opportunity to work together and I don’t intend to let this one go.

Currently, I am working with Furio Valich on a range of projects with a view to long term collaboration and continuing the conversation. About architecture (and Architecture) and of course, life.

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Woolooware, spacious family living – from the archives…

Some time ago we were asked to renew a family home, reorganizing existing spaces and adding new living space.

The treeline at the rear of the property is now part of the interior experience of the space by lifting the roof and adding high windows. A connection to the outdoor living area and pool is maximized through the use of folding doors.


The new covered patio area roof is tucked between the folding doors and the high level windows, allowing natural light in and a view of trees and sky beyond.


The result is a spacious, light filled and airy venue for family life that connects to the generous open space that was previously cut off from the home. Relaxed living in southern Sydney. ‘The Shire’ at its best.

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